Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raspberry Mousse Tartlettes with Pink Macarons

Tartlette's Raspberry Mousse Tartlettes with Pink Macarons is just the kind of pink on pink dessert that makes me beam so hard you'd think spring arrived! Is anyone sick of my macaron fixation? I try my best to keep it interesting! *sniff* Click any above image for the recipe!!

Mokaffe - Mmmm The Most Perfect Girly Mix

Mokaffe has new art up and I realized my last post of her work is just so pathetic! Especially considering how wonderful this stuff is! I mean can you conceive of anything more perfect? The most indulgent girl art to date. The most perfect doe eyed faces with the cutest outfits and delicious backgrounds. Its so good. Its so good you almost forgot about Thailands "For You Inn" and thanked me for it. Your almost welcome.

The Love Hotel Disguised as World's Crappiest Disney Theme Park?

Thailands "For You Inn" is possibly the most repulsive cute place I've ever seen. Believe me, I don't mind love hotels, but when you have Disney character's leading you to your little hole in the wall, I just can't take it! So poorly drawn too lol. Read the full article here.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Want Victorian Age Warrior Video Game Girls? Guess What These Are

Maggi's Harem has the most beautiful bishoujo for internet miles, and when I saw these Victorian beauties I nearly died. They are from a video game of some sort and most certainly one only released in Asia (I think called Victorian Age). What manner of video game is this! I want it! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

Making Cute Food Easier Since.. Uh.. 19...Our Company Started

Yeah these are advertisements for cute fooding tools, but the pictures were so cute! Sure you can click and buy these things (if you can read Japanese) but that's not what I'm here today to do... I'm here for you to put down your purse, enjoy an advertisement and walk away to your Easy Mac n Cheese.

Four Tarina Tarantino Makeup Tutorials That Cover The Girly Spectrum

I saw these fun makeup tutorials for the new Tarina Tarantino Beauty line and they were too cute to keep to myself (Click image for its tutorial). Her whole beauty line is too cute! Pink and sparkly! I thought there was no room for another makeup line, but truly no line has ever mastered the art of glitter (That's what she attempts to do!).

Isn't the fake Tarina Tarantino Beauty Factory awesome? lol.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Kirsten Dunst Music Video Produced by Takeshi Murakami! Here!

Yes we've all seen those strange pictures. We all said WTF. Here, thanks to Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi is Kirsten Dunst doing something we never saw coming. (There are some anime pornish images so be forwarned)

Cutie Interiors - Just the Bed

I'm going through my Cutie Interiors scans and will eventually feature every aspect of the Cutie room. Today we have the bed. Here are my favorite ideas for your bed space. Does anyone have a great resource for kawaii bedding? I mean that's actually available to the U.S.?

Roboppy - The Girl Who Ate Everything & Lived to be my Favorite Foodie

Roboppy (Robyn) has singlehandedly navigated me through NYC and found me the greatest eats I have ever known. I can't repay her for leading me to Clinton St Baking Company (my favorite!!!) and their blueberry pancakes with maple butter OMG. She is THE expert on cute foods yet also manages to be the wittiest food blogger in existence (AND she loves all my favorite bands! Interpol! The Decemberists! etc). What can I say other than read her blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything and wonder where she puts it all.

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