Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Itty Bittiest Lolitas & the Beautiful Heart Award

Aren't they adorable? I can't tell you the name of the artist because when I translate her name it keeps including a few Japanese characters. The few letters I could muster up were A Ki, so hey everyone visit Aki's gallery lol.

Now for my acceptance of Lissy's beautiful heart award.

1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
3. Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart. [Optional]
4. Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
5. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
6. Have fun!

Four Things to Keep my Inner Self Beautiful
1. Having a dog. Sometimes dogs are the only thing that seem perfect in this world.
2. I recognize people will gossip about me, even ones that love me the most.
3. Always remembering the most annoying horrendous people in this world are also the ones who have been through a lot of pain.
4. I never keep things inside that bother me, ever.

Four Things that Keep me Physically Beautiful
1. I am obsessed with Brendita's Body Works. My skin and hair have never been better. Plus this is the least expensive stuff I've ever tried! and organic! My favorites are Sunshine Squalane Antioxident Retinol Creme, Sunshine Squalane Lip Serum, AHA Cleansing Creme, AHA Tea Tree & Vinegar Toner, Moonshine Firming Eye Cream, Sulfate Free Shampoo and Nourishing Condition. PHEW!
2. I never reuse makeup sponges or loofahs because they harbor bacteria which causes breakouts.
3. Because I have bangs, I don't condition them because that moisture causes forehead breakouts. On the flipside I don't moisturize my forehead (except at night) because that makes bangs greasy.
4. I want to say sunscreen DAILY but that's boring. Oh! I use satin sheets so they don't cause hair breakage and premature wrinkling. Lol I sound obsessed!

Precious Memory
It might be simple but nothing felt warmer to me than when my little brother and little sister came home from school (There is a 7 & 9 year age difference from me) and they saw me and just RAN to me with these huge backpacks swaying back and forth. I was always alone at home and the anticipation of them coming off the school bus was the greatest thing on earth. Wow they were so cute and had the biggest grins. I could cry thinking about it.

Now to award this to large-hearted individuals (I won't repeat Lissy's list)

1.Lissy!!!!! No one deserves this more than you.



Maggi said...

Thanks so much!!! I so enjoyed your lists, I never thought of satin sheets as a way of saving my skin and hair! lol What a sweet memory of your brother and sister!

PetSugar said...

Maggi - i honestly wondered if anyone would read those lol but i'm so happy you did :)

Catherine said...

Aww, so cute. Both the pictures and your answers.

Glad to see you're loving the olive squalane. :D

PetSugar said...

Catherine - Thanks :) omg and you know about olive squalane too!? wow what products do you use?

Carmen said...

Thank you so much for this award :) Blimey... my lists will be pitiful compared to yours but I will do this today I promise. Try not to have a fainting fit at how LITTLE I do compared to you :P

Love the memory you have of your cousins and so descriptive, I can just picture it.

p.s Am still here reading but a bit snowed under with projects and personal stuff going on so don't think I've deserted you. Still reading, still groaning at the cutesy stuff band loving the grungey cute ;)

Carmen said...

I posted and linked back to you :)

shivani said...

wow, this made me cry. i miss you <3

PetSugar said...

Carmen - i can't wait to read your list! i'm going to check it right now!

shivani - :( i never imagined those days would end.

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