Monday, February 1, 2010

Mori Girl - The Fast Growing Japanese Street Trend & How-to

The Mori Girl style is a much more realistic street trend for the rest of us. Alice & Peter Punk has a really strong affinity for the look and included a number of how-to's. One should basically look like "a girl in the forest" and layer very loosely, focus on one large shapeless piece and wear very earthly colors. This look seems to be an anti-hime gyaru trend lol.


megan said...

I really like this style! There's something really fanciful about it. I can't think of much I have already that fits underneath the category, but that's alright~ I like what the "rules" said about Honey & Clover, and I think it's true.

Alice & Peter Punk said...

You're always making advertising for my blog. You're too cute !

MMINTY said...

Wow. :o I like that style (: cute, fresh and cool. Somehow it's not made for me, but I still like it! Good job! :>

Anonymous said...

Uh I LOVE the 5th outfit with the blue!!
Love Debra (AllThingsPretty)

Saving Capulet said...

its has this vintagey feel to it, i really like it. but im already big as is. idk how id look like with layers of clothing ._.

PetSugar said...

megan - i think the rules are possibly the cutest set of rules i've ever seen lol.

alice & peter punk - I can't help it! You are so dedicated to these art forms and I love it.

Debra - Yay I'm happy to see you visiting my blog!! and maybe you will make some Mori Girl items lol.

Saving Capulet - Ha! I've seen your pictures! Big is not a word that should be in your vocabulary lol.

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