Friday, February 12, 2010

Princesse Tam Tam ' Japanimation ' Sheer Camisole GIVEAWAY! Closed Congratulation Patricia

Camisole Details:
•Elastic Above Bust Unstretched Laying Flat is 13 1/2 inches (27 inches all around)
•Elastic Above Bust Stretched Laying Flat is 20 1/2 inches (41 inches all around)
•Elastic at Waist Unstretched Laying Flat is 13 1/2 inches (27 inches all around)
•Elastic at Waist Stretched Laying Flat is 24 inches (48 inches all around)
•Color: Blue / Turquoise / Pink / Green / Yellow / Orange
•'Japanimation' sheer print
•Ruffled elastic waistband and ruffled trim on edges
•Crocheted detail and ribbon appliqué at top
•Adjustable shoulder straps
•100% Polyester; Hand Wash

Rules For Princesse Tam Tam Giveaway!
1. Link this Giveaway (You can use below image and code) on your Blog, Facebook, Myspace or Twitter (The more links the more entries!)

2. Let me know in a comment on this post the html to all places you've linked the giveaway.

3. Make sure to put your email address in the comment.

4. I will pick a winner using at 12pm EST on 3/1/2010

5. The winner will then be emailed immediately and must reply within 3 days with an address (all countries eligible) to ship the Princesse Tam Tam Camisole!

6. If the winner does not reply with an address in 3 days another person will be picked with and so on...

This is a BRAND NEW TAGS ATTACHED camisole with a retail value of $100 USD!!! I bought it here for around $44 USD but still lol. It sold out ridiculously quickly and I knew it would be absolutely perfect as a giveaway item! Its Kawaii + Sexy! You don't see that in lingerie every day! Its so literal too with Anime girls and Space Invaders etc all over it in the coolest print I've ever seen EVER! Good luck guys! I hope you love it as much as I do!


Sugar Bunnie said...

sexy yet cute, love it.

PetSugar said...

Sugar Bunnie - hope you enter!! :)

Rena said...

enter me please!

i've linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar under "current giveaways" here:


<33 rena

onelovelygurl05 said...

I've linked the giveaway on my blog, I've also mentioned it on my twitter at

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Heya! I hope you don't think that I'm copying you, but I'm going to host a giveaway too... With my good Cold Porcelain charms! :D Hope you don't mind...

PetSugar said...

Meeeeeeeeeeeee - lol of course I don't think you are copying me! people have so many giveaways! maybe i'll enter yours and hey you should enter mine!

Nancy said... heres my blog entry but in German ^^

my email is
miyaka [at] arcor [dot] de

christyne johnson said...

Lovvvve the blog :)
Been reading for about a month since I accidently found it on Google!

Anyways I'll link this on my myspace and facebook, both of which are private so only friends that add me can see it, I hope that's ok!?

name: christyne johnson
:) have a kawaii weekend!! n_n

PetSugar said...

christyne - of course its ok! :) i just want sweet readers like you to participate (and hopefully win!)

Oh I wish I was an alien... said...

I linked it to my myspace (which is private)

and my blog

and my facebook.

and my email is

Patricia said...

Love it! I have just found your blog... I´m very much into kawaii stuff, I´ll be reading here a lot!

Thanks for this oh so cute giveaway!

I´m blogging here:


Patricia said...

I´m twitting too, didn´t realize had to mention it in the same post, anyway it´s here


PetSugar said...

Patricia - i'll be seeing you around then ;)

Meeeeeeeeee said...

oh... I dont think I should! it looks too good! I'm afraid that cookie might poop on it or something... (something as in chew on it.. never underestimate a bird's beak, that's one of the lessons i have learned about owning a bird..)
( LOL )

I love love love the camisole! :D

PetSugar said...

Meeeeeeeeeeee - whoa whoa whoa whoa................ you have a bird named cookie!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ~!
It's Chinye're <3 !

I posted the link for this getaway on myspace (, twitter (, and on facebook (

My email is

I'm so excited <3 ~!!

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