Friday, February 26, 2010

Roboppy - The Girl Who Ate Everything & Lived to be my Favorite Foodie

Roboppy (Robyn) has singlehandedly navigated me through NYC and found me the greatest eats I have ever known. I can't repay her for leading me to Clinton St Baking Company (my favorite!!!) and their blueberry pancakes with maple butter OMG. She is THE expert on cute foods yet also manages to be the wittiest food blogger in existence (AND she loves all my favorite bands! Interpol! The Decemberists! etc). What can I say other than read her blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything and wonder where she puts it all.

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Claire said...

ohmigod, those hotdogs look to die for

PetSugar said...

claire - rofl so its the hot dogs that did it for you

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Oh gosh... I'm hungry already...

LOVE her blog! :D

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Regarding the hello kitty pastry thing... ever heard of hello kitty instant/ramen noodles?

PetSugar said...

Meeeeeeeee - just with hello kitty on the box? or... because I have seen those

isn't she awesome?

the little bukowski said...

sweet baby jesus. the cheeseburger and fries with special sauce on the side...i'm gaining weight via my computer screen just looking at it but it looks so f*&$! bomb!
and how cute r those hot doggies.
come on people...little twisty chubby bun hot dogs. holy crap.
i want food.

the little bukowski said...

and what the hell is that pizza....
god sent.
that's what it is.

a gift from god. in the shape of a pizza. but made from a smore that threw-up on dough. it's incredible.

i must have it in my life.

...."dear lord, it's me again. i know it's a sin to pray solely out of want...but i saw this pizza shit..."

PetSugar said...

little bukowski - ...."dear lord, it's me again. i know it's a sin to pray solely out of want...but i saw this pizza shit..."

omg i laughed really had and at 4am. that pizza is actually from my favorite restaurant on earth... if you visit me i'll tell youuuuuuuu. ;) its a chocolate themed place in the city and holy shit i can't describe the miraculousness of this chocolate from heaven.

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