Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Bear Bear and The Little Bukowski

Another Day in the Life


Bear Bear & The Little Bukowski

my friend, andrea, bought me deer antlers for the project i've been working on for awhile.

(weird, these antlers have as many little outgrowth points as the antlers on my chest... it was fate)

as a cruisade against animal cruelty, i decided i am to start rescuing antlers and taxidermy from their sad homes mounted in pawn shops and flea markets. Since we can't retrieve back the bullet, i refuse to see their bones left for dust. If all that's left of them is their skull and crown, then it's my job to give it life again.

so the other night i began cleaning and sanding this deer's headstone in order to start the first piece....

the plaque he is mounted on will be painted and decorated, the pedicle (the point at which the antler's bones begin to grow from) will be groomed and on some it will be dyed, his antlers will be garnished with ribbons and fake birds and velvet to mimic it's natural state, and soon this previous act of murder will finally stand for some sort of purpose.

thus begins

-This Skull and Crown_

.a memoire of life.

but like most days spent in this is spent alone for only so long...

and then comes an intruder...

it turns out Bear is a little jealous of all the primping being afforded to the antlers. so the project had to be set aside for Bear Bear Fur-Style Time.

honestly, i thought it looked great....

bur Sir Bear Bear the Diva didn't agree

after throwing a trantrum and mauling his bow to death, he took some time to think about how ridiculous he'd been acting.

after apologizing, he insisted on trying on the antlers.

turns out i never owned a chihuahua.

i didn't realize it until now but all this time i've been the proud owner of a miniature fawn.

bear wanted to change his name to beer, you know, to suit his new life as a tiny deer species...

but then quickly understood he was acting ridiculous again.

so we opted against the misappropriated reference to alcohol and instead he now goes by the nickname


you know, like bambi...


i thought it was dumb too.


the little bukowski


you would like to donate a pair of antlers to my project,

This Skull and Crown

please drop me a message for more information and a list of local pawn shops and flea markets where you can help rescue these deer.

every antler donation will be recrafted and the final piece will include your name as a savior of a once wasted life.

your help will make their final resting place beautiful again.


Chickything said...

You're so pretty! And I am in love with the pink hair!

PetSugar said...

Chickything - i'm sure little bukowski will read this and be happy to hear it!

babypanda said...

thankyou so much for your messages! :) id be honored to be featured sometime here, this is a lovely blog you have, and you are so beautiful! I'm always around this place because you always post the sweetest things <3

PetSugar said...

babypanda - awww i'm guessing you mean the girl in the post is beautiful? lol because she's my friend not me! :( i'm the girl on the top right corner. wow you are such a sweet person though and i'm thrilled to have such a talented person as my reader. truly. i love your work and can't wait to post it!!!!! we should do a project together! i would love to comission some art from you!

Jeaneth said...

wow! so gorgeous!! <3
Good luck to your project! :)

the little bukowski said...

Wowzers! These readers are GREAT! thanks for the self esteem boost guys! (i ate a king size bag of m&ms and feel really thank you for helping me out of my munchie misery)
and about that drop dead cute blog goddess (pet sugar)...she's one hell-of-a fine lady too!
if i don't say so myself :)

oh yea - bear bear says
"tanks" (he says it like that...he's not good at the pronunciation of "th" sounds...blame it on his canine teef)(don't laugh. it's a real problem a lot of chihuahuas have to face. chihuahua lisps.)

PetSugar said...

the little bukowski - rofl! bear bear should do more public speaking and thanks for the little nod :)

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