Friday, March 19, 2010

Cutie Interiors - More Rooms!

Speaking of rooms, my apartment is look better by the second and soon I will feature my favorite space (my bedroooooom) on the adorable site Favorite Spaces by Nina of Chickything. The site's concept is very cute. She asks her favorite people (creators usually) to share their favorite spaces in their homes. I got asked! My room just needs to get painted and there you will see it.


shivani said...

these are so cute! it almost seems impossible. i love how in the second to last one the window curtains are supposed to be theater stage curtains. i think my room would look very nice if i only could find the right comforter!

Miss Marley said...

this is so cool... if my room was anything close to presentable I would blog it... but its full of boxes... horrible horrible.
I bet your room is teh cutest ever. :3

PetSugar said...

shivani - god seriously. the right comforter! i think if you found a white one with any colors but must include that shade of pink, that would work so well

Miss Marley - i must say i have all the raw materials to create the best room ever, i just need to put the puzzle pieces together :) thanks for the compliment though

Daruku-sensei said...

notice how the models are clutching fluffy toys?

its the only loving they are going to get. These rooms are kryptonite... will send me running for the hills... or at least for their less obsessive neighbours rooms. Yup... these ladies are probaby not going to be doing anything about th plummeting birth rates in Japan.

A friend of mine has the spotted dakimakura in the 3rd picture... it is FUCKING SCARY!!!!!!! no really... it makes nightmares happen.

PetSugar said...

Daruku-sensei - lol! its true! they are all clutching something! yet... the spotted dakimakura... is noticeably alone

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