Saturday, March 20, 2010

Juicy does Butterflies

I am not a Juicy Couture person by any means (You couldn't tell?) but lately their accessories have been getting it so right. This butterfly jewelry is as good as ice cream soup (unless you hate when that happens... whoa whoa not too melty, just soft). Click above images to buy!


Miss Marley said...

i must say cute... but I couldn't pull it off (a lil too much) I do love the idea though.
(I own one juicy dress... black... plain and oh so comfortable. haha)

Jeaneth said...


Keely Valentine said...

love it!

Maggi said...

I agree, these are precious!

PetSugar said...

Miss Marley- some of their stuff truly is cute

Jeaneth - I know! Ooo how was your dateeeeee

Keely Valentine - glamorous girls like you would be perfect for this

Maggi - Yes it was stretch featuring juicy lol but it was so right

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