Sunday, March 21, 2010

Julia Roitfeld's Stuff - When Cute Meets Classy/Sassy

Julia Roitfeld's (art director) stuff is what happens when classy girls incorporate cute things. I'm always in desperate need of examples of this considering I will have to reconcile my love for cute with my impending... maturity. Some lessons we can learn from her about keeping cuteness with age. 1. A sense of nostalgia (vintage Mickey Mouse) can give you more freedom with the character (when I say vintage I mean it better be 70's and earlier). 2. Deco and studs will remain unquestioned if a giant designer label is stamped next to it. 3. Keeping cute toys near pictures of your kids (or any kids) can make it seem part of the memory of that child rather than crap you like still lol. 5. Edgy artist interpretations of cute that are low impact are a nice addition to a home.

...Oh and be sure I will never follow any rule other than use good taste and buy what you love!


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