Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Princess Boots For You and Me (or Version of Us with Money)

Yes the company is actually called Princess and these bejeweled boots would look so cute with a very short dress! I saw these and thought, some reader of mine will go ape sh*t for these. I don't know who... but she exists, and I bet she's hot. lol.


Jeaneth said...

OMGGGG i wanttt lol
I have been searching for a pair of cute cowboy boots...some girls can pull it off so well...*sigh*

KoalaD said...

it's me! :P
jk. But I seriously almost bought cowboy boots to wear with dresses today.
Aw, maybe next time :)

pfefi said...

OMG. i think i just j in my p.

haha maybe from my kirsten dunst post you figured out i am one of those girls that <3 <3 <3s shoes.

and i LOOOOOVE these. :D hehe. they speak to my heart~

PetSugar said...

Jeaneth - I know! You have to have long legs I think firstly. :(

KoalaD - rofl its you!?! i bet it really is :)

pfefi - wow when shoes speak to your heart, it means you have mastered mankind. :) i'm happy to have found them for you.

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