Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trio of Dazzling Beauty Tutorials

Aren't these gorgeous!? Impractical maybe, but you only live once! I'm ready to bedazzle my mouth permanently. Click any image to see its tutorial.


Keely Valentine said...

sephora hurts my soul
so much
to buy.

Meeeeeeeeee said...

ohh.... that's alittle bit too much make up!!! (especially the last one) imagine real glitter on ur lips!!!!!!!
(I usually end up eating my lip gloss... becuase it somehow dissappears after 10 min... )
eating glitter is scary.

PetSugar said...

Keely - sephora now has hold of all my money

Meeeeee- lol i agree, its quite a lot but for a fun birthday night, i think it would be great to try

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