Friday, April 30, 2010

Devin Aoki in "My Forbidden Love" for Numero Tokyo by Sebastian Kim

I think we have all seen that adorable first image by now (yes, tumblrs). When I happened upon the rest of the spread from Numero Tokyo, I knew the world was getting a disservice just seeing the first picture again and again. Yeah the bed is pink and she has a hair bow, but LOOK AT THE OTHER PHOTOS! They are phenomenal! Could YOU sit in a motel room and come up with this many miraculous images??? I know with the world at my fingertips I never could.

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Mori Girl Hair Tutorials - Yes its More than Just Air Dried and Out


The Mori-style Book Spring Edition has some nice Mori Girl hair options that forcably keep within the earth child theme of the look. I'm surprised to see a curling iron quite honestly, but its used subtly... subtly. Hair accessories are nature-inspired from flowers to stars. All in all, I like the effortless style of the Mori Girl. I truly feel inspired to start considering more Mori Girl clothing for the oncoming warm weather and desperately need the Mori-style Book Summer edition (I mean how do you translate this look for hot weather!? Just like "Goths in Hot Weather" there will be "Mori in Hot Weather.") Thank you Moko moko love for these great scans! Click any image to see her post and links to larger images.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sparkling Bracelet Cookies! Not Quite Nigella Gives Jewelry Doubly Duty


Not Quite Nigella's Sparkling Bracelet cookie recipe is such a cute delicious surprise! Don't be fooled, they are wearable but with a real depth of flavor. These cookie bracelets are filled with the aromas of lavender, nutmeg and Lebanese spice mahlab. My excitement lies in the fact that she has rolled them in an Indian favorite... candy-coated fennel seeds. I LOVE those! I'm excited to make these for my next tea party (okay I haven't even had my FIRST tea party...). Click any above image for recipe!

The wonderful Danika presented me with the first ever Devilishly Cute Blog award and I'm posting it here for the world to see!! I am the first! Its a great honor :) Time for you to be jealous... I'm waiting...

Rilakkuma Like You Never Wanted to See Him


Sakkan's extensive gallery of the most perverse interpretations of what we THOUGHT we knew and USED to love contains these funny Rilakkuma distortions. How does rilakkuma inspire someone to this extent!!?? I have the same rilakkuma stationary as the next person!!! Yet here I sit without enough energy to even match my earrings to my necklace (yet alone wear either!!)

Tiddlywinks - Cute Creatures Made with Love and Children's Doodles


Tiddlywinks began crafting her adorable creatures with inspiration from her children's doodles. As time went by, either her kids' drawings changed or she became amigurumi inspired! All I know is they have evolved into the cutest things ever. I want to cuddle with one on days my boyfriend rushes over to see me and then goes on facebookkkkkkk!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it-CHAN and Shrimp Tempura Venture Across Dreamscapes


The Elementary student's name is it-CHAN and her shrimp tempura friend is called just that. Based on artist Mr.Gone's dreams (click on illustrations section), the characters thusly travel across all manner of landscape hopefully to come back once again to her elementary school. The descriptions of these scenes includes a giant rabbit that shouldn't wake up when you sneeze (which pleases nature). Its all so cute yet so lonely. Would you go on travels like these?

Angelic Pretty Does Covetable Teddy Bear Accessories


Angelic Pretty's accessories are to die for. How I wish I could sport a pink hat with a giant heart candy on it, but my eyes must always be diverted to things I can get away with while still job seeking. The day I can support myself with money from this site (yeah I've made $100 over 7 months) you will be thrilled to see what I have in store for attire behind this computer screen. I hope that day comes! Anyway, until then, Angelic Pretty's more reasonable accessories are still pretty freaking adorable. This set of teddybear jewelry is enough to make my heart stop. I think its reasonable to say somehow it can also satisfy a sweet tooth calorie-free.

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