Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adorable Embellished Art for the Curious and Curiouser

I struggled with titling this post. I worry you all have had enough of Alice in Wonderland. I know I sort of would rather choke down nasal spray through the back of my nasal passage than hear one more word on the subject (hey its enjoyable how it helps my allergies!). BUT BUT BUT... BUT this art is soooooooooo cute (okay I know the first image may not necessarily be Alice related but it could be for the sake of being too cute not to post!). So White-Eggs, your art luckily made the tail end of the Wonderland craze and it is so deserving.


Sensible Obsessions said...

I could never tire of Alice In Wonderland - I'll love it forever and always.

But I am tired of people just making things (some entirely crappy) just because of the Alice craze at the moment.)

Lovely art it shows Alice in a softer not so insane but not drowning you in the sweetness kinda way. If that makes sense XD

PetSugar said...

Sensible Obsessions - oh i knowwwww. especially on etsy.

i totally understand what you mean. its kind of understated yet sooo good.

さらまり said...

Oh how fabulous! I love mixed media artwork. I think the pieces they used in the drawing really suit the scenes. It makes me want to try making some art like this^^

PetSugar said...

Sara mari - gosh i love nothing more than inspiring people to create (looks at last post for emoticon face lol) (^o^)/

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