Monday, April 12, 2010

Angela Singer - To Deco Recycled Taxidermy ... Its a Good Thing Right?

“It seemed to me very disturbing that an enormous dead animal in a room could be ignored in that way”, she says. “It gave me the idea to use old hunting trophies to explore the human-animal relationship. I hoped to be able to make the trophy more controversial, give it greater presence and make it not so easy to ignore.” Angela Singer

It's true. We can't help but eventually being numb to these animal heads (or I assume so since I wouldn't dare eat at an establishment that had them) but when you give them so much presence... as in turn them into art... suddenly the frivolity of using a life seems to have a far greater impact. Its beautiful to see all of the same sparkly baubles and things that make sense to us behind glass showcases... but on a creature who gave its life!? The juxtaposition of the obvious frivolous adornments on one of the most valuable things on earth now lends itself to a real impact. These animals are not accessories to lace your environment or your body. It shouldn't take an art exhibit to give impact to an animal that was killed for the sake of sport and eventually trophy. (Thank You Bathing in Gasoline)


Chickything said...


They didn't!

さらまり said...

These animals have already be killed, we can't go back in time and save them, so I think it's a good idea to keep using them rather than throwing them out like trash.

If her work can be used to raise awareness about recreation killing, then all the better. And I think the 3rd one is especially nice.

the little bukowski said...

omg. in love. for life. til death do us part. especially with the deer deer

PetSugar said...

Chickything - sad huh?

Sara mari - i agree completely!!!!!!

the little bukowski - amazing huh? this is so close to what you intended

daniel said...

New art work posted on the Angela Singer facebook page

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