Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boudoir Dolls - Stunning Additions to These Glamorous Dwellings

The absolutely gorgeous blog, POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL Boudoir Queen featured these rooms recently, and a whole world of obsession was opened to me. These gigantic doll masterpieces are clearly a fixation by many and I was the last to know about it. I'm guessing they cost a fortune! We are lucky to even behold them through our computer screens.


milk overdose said...

"isn't it hard sometimes writing a cute/kawaii blog. you can never just scream that you want to die!"

i know exactly what u mean. it's really hard to be cute all the time, specially when everything is going wrong. i'm trying however...

but thanks a lot for the kind words! it's important ^^

have a nice week sweetie :*

PetSugar said...

milk overdose - im moved that it meant enough for you to come find me, quote me, and thank me. it must mean life is extremely difficult for you right now. i'm scared to know the reasons. hang in there! and just know blog friend are real friends :)

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