Friday, April 23, 2010

Cozmicca Lectrica - Swirly Whirly Girly


Cozmicca Lectrica has so much cuteness peaking through the dark fog. Swirly, whirly, girly end of stiry story. There doesn't seem to be much depth yet some shadows are cast here and there. Did anyone catch the dead cat angel? There is so often the sunshiny contrasting with a dark nightscape. It gives you a touch of discomfort not knowing what to make of all of it (but that just means your mind is working!).


Sensible Obsessions said...

Here's what I see when I look a these -

The first image is just cute no story there.

I'm not sure what to make of the angel girl image - with her sky fishes and different weather patterns.

The third looks like the night sky turned into a girl hiding away why the sun is out - the rabbits are little angel bunnies (lost their wings when they decided to stay) snagged so she wouldn't be so lonely during the day.

Fourth it looks like the artist's rendering of The Last Unicorn because Schmendrick turns the Unicorn into Lady Amalthea which she has a purplish/white look while human but on the right is that black blob which confuses me but the large gold object between the two images looks like a bullet.

The last one seems to be the words from girl's love letter -in her mind- flying towards the person she loves - Angel cat confuses me.

Sorry for such a long comment XD
I love talking about art interpretations♥

PetSugar said...

Sensible Obsessions - wow i really read your critique and looked at each image closely. i love your interpretation! i would never have guessed your love for interpreting art!

Yokohama said...

Wonderful! ♥

PetSugar said...

Yokohama - i'm glad someone liked it! i was worried there were so few comments lol

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