Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fresh Emoticon Ideas - Your Keyboard Deserves to be Happy

I always thought Japanese people had it easier with emoticons because the Japanese language characters seem to make for such good ones! Well... here is an entire range of emoticons that Japanese people created using English characters entirely Yes you will see many of the familiar faces, but also some refreshing new ones to add to your repertoire! I'm a degenerate when it comes to using these. I'm sure many of you will be apalled that I'm new to the range shown here. I'm sorry! Its just that my brain doesn't process emoticons properly... they just don't come naturally! :( <---except for the sideways happy and sad face. (Click image for source!) :)

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Sensible Obsessions said...

Some of these are new and others my friends and I have completely different meanings lol

PetSugar said...

Sensible Obsessions - oh good! i'm happy a few are new to someone else too and do i want to know these double meanings you have... lol are they peverse!! haha jk

Sensible Obsessions said...

Lol no we're boring

To us (@_@) is confused ( O - O ) that is our surprised/horrified face.

( ^ - ^ ) is just smiling and this is our blushing ( * ^ - ^ * )

m(_ _)m is to be drop dead tired

and that is all we really use.

Miss Marley said...

Very cute... i use a lot of emotes on aim... O_o....
these are my blushing:

Bianca said...

lol these are such throw back to my AIM days which was like 7 years ago >_<

PetSugar said...

Miss Marley - hmm maybe i'll try those!

Bianca - isn't it so nostalgic? i hadn't even realized that until now.

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