Sunday, April 4, 2010

Girls May You Prosper - The Little Bukowski Strikes Cute

Girls May You Prosper is one of the latest posts on The Little Bukowski's blog. Now I love this girl more than anything, but the post stands alone. Love her or not, its just the greatest blog post ever (only her chihuahua Bear Bear's stories are comprable).

Let me explain once and for all who she is. She's my friend and she's the girl on my banner and the badge link thingie to the side (the cute cute guest blogger). I myself (PetSugar) am the black-haired girl on the top top top right. She just represents the ultimate in Category Cute Threats (that's a category too here if you didn't know). She's adorable, crafty, brilliant, sweet, genuine and as kawaii a reader as they come. I wish I had 1/2 the writing ability she has and the ability to garner total fondness just through writing alone. Lately I feel insecure about all the writing I do on Drop Dead Cute/Kawaii. Is it truly worth reading? Should I just post pictures and shut up lol.

Anyway, read her post and tell me if her lilac hair has me biased ;)


Hawaii Kawaii said...

Oh I think you are fantastic, don't ever doubt that you are doing a great job with your blog. I can see the effort you are making, you are my favorite kawaii blog, don't stop, keep bringing us your take on cuteness ♥

the little bukowski said...

you are a truly wonderful friend...and all i can say is thank you for being part of my life!
(note to everyone: without this girl, i...
1.wouldn't have had to courage to put my writing out there to be made avaliable
2. wouldn't have been inspired to dye my hair lilac.)
secondly, i think your little quips at the bottom of every post are brilliant and funny and give meaning to each cute idea you stumble across.
honestly...look at how many people read your blog (not to mention the fact that it has become an every day routine for take shower, brush teef, check drop dead cute, make peanut butter sandwich...)
that many people wouldn't love you as much as i do unless you were utterly and totally worth it.
which you are.

PetSugar said...

Hawaii Kawaii - i'm overwhelmed. i can't even tell you how much that comment means to me. on so many levels... thank you.

The Little Bukwoski - ahh! i'm actually teary eyed. i'm so happy to have met you. it amazes me that i was one of the first people to support your writing ability. its just beyond belief to me! to be a part of the introduction of little bukowski's writing to the rest of the world is as good as being famous ;)

Zainab said...

Oh Petsugar! I love your blog!! I love the pictures you find, but most of all, I love your writing too! It makes it all the more enjoyable and it makes me feel connected to the blog because of how smiley I get when I read what you have to write! It's very genuine and reads as though I'm listening to a friend. Don't shut up, and have confidence in yourself!
- Love one of your fans <3

PetSugar said...

Zainab - wow. this has made me teary-eyed all over again. thank you so much for coming out of the fan woodwork (lol) to boost my esteem. its worth more to me than anything on earth.

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Petsugar... I don't want to make you teary-eyed again so I'll just sum it up.

if you'd just had posted pictures I wouldn't be reading this blog, I love the creative little quotes at the bottom of each post and I suggest you write more.

The Little Bukowski:
you are so lucky to have a friend like Petsugar.

Hmm... I should start calling you by you're initials..

TLB && PS? Do you mind??

PetSugar said...

Meeeeeeeeee - oh please if you want to call us by our initials i'd only feel like we were becoming more familiar with each other and would love it :) don't hesitate to make me teary eyed because its so worth it for me to hear these things. i've become so numb in my life. its like a relief to cry (and tears of joy!).

saying someone is lucky to have me as a friend might mean more to me than all the blogging compliments in the world :)

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