Monday, April 26, 2010

HEARTSCHALLENGER - Pink Ice Cream Trucks Spreading Quirky Cuteness & Ice Cream!


HEARTSCHALLENGER is a concept that was developed at a rave party in the early morning (wow). The idea was for "a cute little ice cream truck to pull up in the middle of nowhere and provide all the party kids with magical treats." Did the vision include everything being incredibly cute and all our favorite ice cream truck treats abound? Well thats how things turned out! Their website is adorable! There's a quirky (and very pink) selection of goods you can buy (featured a few above) if you never make it to one of the NYC, LA or Miami trucks. Click any image to visit the site and get a much better understanding... its kind of hard to explain rave party concepts lol.


anjj said...

another reason for me to move to the US XD

Miruku said...


I found your blog yesterday. It's so eyecatching! I wish I had lots of free time to go through all of your older posts, haha!

This pink truck is such an interesting concept. And looking at their online shop, the stuff is really cheap...which is the most important thing!

PetSugar said...

anjj - oh no don't move here just for these ice cream trucks rofl.

Miruku - wow i'm so happy you would dedicate so much time if you had it! that's a great compliment :)

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