Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hello Kitty S&M Room and More From Japan's Most Kawaii Love Hotels


A new book unearthing Japan's most playful Love Hotels by Misty Keaslery happens to feature A LOT of adorable rooms I hoped never to exist. I should have known. A sense of humor is one thing, but if it actually deactivates your sex drive... I mean I know mine would vanish (what else is new). Click any image to see more images from the book and an interview with Misty.


Sensible Obsessions said...

If I had to choose I'd have to go to the whale room lol it is the least creepy XD

The carousel one is to..kiddie..

Then it goes to the bondage Hello Kitty Bed with the giant Hello Kitty Plush staring down at you (Sweet, innocent Kitty is forced to watch people get their groove on XD)

For some reason the hentai room is..weird

Back to a Hello Kitty room but this time the Hello Kitty plush is in on the action with her bondage/fetish gear XD

( T - T ) Pass the brain bleach!
(Lol fun post!)

PetSugar said...

Sensible Obsessions - awww you've been needing that a bit for my site rofl. i'd pick the whale room too except i have this crazy fear of blue whales. they make me sick to my stomach! its nuts!

Srta Keiko said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mori x,x
me encantaron los dormitorios n3n

PetSugar said...

Srta Keiko - haha you love them!!?!

Ligaya said...

Hahahaha yeah, I gotta agree. The Hello Kitty room in particular would totally kill my sex drive! XD

Now if the hentai room had less moe girls, sleeker colours and lines, more curly-haired gyaru-looking girls and ZOMFG!TENTACLES!!!, I might reconsider. XDDDDDD (Why yes, I do like my tentacles... v^^000)

megan said...

Hm, bondage+cute is an odd combination. But then maybe you'd be blindfolded as part of the fun so it wouldn't really matter. ;)

PetSugar said...

Ligaya - lol! i bet theres a tentacle room out there somewhere just dying to find you. i like this side of my readers rofl.

megan - ooooooo... haha! could you do that to hello kitty? not acknowledge her for the sake of your sex drive? lol

Ligaya said...

@PetSugar: Are you sure BB? Doesn't my tentacle fetish make both our blogs suddenly go to the R-18 side? vXDDDDDDDDDv OMG I am SO looking for the tentacle room nao (but be sure to add me on LJ where I am _ligaya_ or you might not see the post)...! XDDDDDDDDDDD ;P

さらまり said...

I would love to go see and photograph some rooms like these, but sadly they are very much the minority. Most love hotels are a bit dated, plain and smoke stinky haha. (Yes, I speak from experience >.>)

PetSugar said...

Ligaya - ur tentacle fetish has put my blog at risk of shutting down lolll. i'm not familiar with livejournal :(

Sara Mari - oh yes, that book didn't fool me. come on. ahaha. and thank you for coming clean and setting us straight :)

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