Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kawaii Friends Cafe - Food Fantasies Come True... Oh No They are for Show!!??

I've been sitting on this Kawaii Friends Cafe jewel for a while. Never before have I held off on featuring something because "let me buy whatever I want first AND THEN... and then I'll do it." There just is no shop like it. Never have I seen someone so painstakingly recreate foods (of my dreams) and then take those fake ingredients and create an eruption of sweetness. She has real talent, and rarely does such talent find its way into the kawaii marketplace. Its as though Da Vinci... okay I'm taking this too far.

Here I am though, months after this discovery, and still jobless/broke. I never thought I'd withhold from her Drop Dead Cute celebrity-hood for this long! Enough is enough. I put my s**t on reservation (brilliant!) and here we are. The entire month of April will include a free gift with purchase. I couldn't have you all miss it. Dude, I've seen her blog, her free gifts are nothing to scoff at. Oh God and shipping rates just dropped and so much s**t is now on sale. I'm right on time.

Her blog features tutorials by the way! Oh yeah, as for what I featured... I'm obsessed with these photo stands. Those wild sundaes that include macarons submerged in whipped cream among other delights ARE IN FACT PHOTO STANDS. Yup mines on reserve.


さらまり said...

Thank you for introducing this artist's super cute creations!

Ulricke Alette said...

Wow, I would love to eat something like this. I love sweets and my hunger didn't get any less when looking at this pictures.

shivani said...

i just want to eat them!!! :(

Yokohama said...

So perfect! I'm hungry now (>___<)

PetSugar said...

Sara Mari - lol wish i did it sooner

Ulricke alette - you know i don't know why we torture ourselves like this!

shivani - somewhere, some place sells the edible version. i just know it

Yokohama - i'm sorry to make you hungry!

Otete said...

Thank you for featuring me on your chooo kawaii blog sweetie!
I will continue to create sweet eye candy for all the kawaii ladies (and some gents) because of all the support!
Thank you sweet friends!

PetSugar said...

Otete - I will marry any one of these gents you speak of lol. Provided they want me.

Oh and please never stop creating.

PetSugar said...

Gabi - GABI if you are reading this, I have no idea which post you commented on as I published too quickly lol but your comment was so sweet and I thank you!

milk overdose said...

this looks very yummy ^^

i've made the change on ur badge all right sweetie? check it out!

c ya :*

PetSugar said...

milk overdose - thanks so much for doing that for me. lol the old one was just so blurry and bad! i really appreciate it.

miss-sugarbunny said...

new follower here!
i really love your blog
it's really cute ^___^

PetSugar said...

miss sugarbunny - thank you! if you love sugarbunnies, you will fit in :)

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