Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lisa Frank Cocktail with a Dose of Hallucinogens

Lisa Frank was recently hospitalized with Schizophrenia. She continues to create through an alias Hanamizz. The work no longer can be used for the Lisa Frank brand and as her condition worsens, the art barely resembles what it once was. There is a cult following that has surfaced and a number of fans are sponsoring her recovery.

I hope at least one person believed that!! But seriously, if the woman was ever hospitalized with a debilitating mental illness, isn't this exactly what she would create?


zainab said...

>_< I fell for it! I love how she does the sparkly eyes, I'm going to attempt that...:D

shivani said...

i believed it ^__^
i think somewhere deep down i knew it wasnt. but i wanted it to be! i dont know if you remember but i had soo much lisa frank when i was little!

PetSugar said...

zainab - awww!! just know that kind of makes me happy lol

shivani - oh no! wow you know after saying that it all came back to me. wow you had soooooo much!

Carmen said...

I totally believed you! Naughty woman! These images are so clever you look at them and go awwwwww, then look again and go oh! :P

PetSugar said...

Carmen - wow thats such a great way of putting it. like awwwww oh no its biting her finger... oh its smoking a cigarette lol

Anonymous said...

Sooo, if Lisa Frank didn't make those works up there, who did?, I love them! tell me

And I am one of those people who fell for the schizo story, ha ha!

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