Sunday, April 18, 2010

Made in Girl - New World of the Girls, By the Girls, For the Girls

Made in Girl is absolutely the most perfect little FREE web magazine. The current edition features all of our favorite girls from the best stores/fashion innovations Japan has to offer! Yes Spank! Yes Grimoire! So much more. Its just a delicious succinct bite of a magazine. Not a page is wasted with anything less than a perfectly adorable image. What are they after?! Its too good to be true! Who are these people?? Ah and new edition published on 4/28!!!


sugoishii said...

I actually emailed them and asked them to send me a copy of it! They sent it to me for free :D

PetSugar said...

sugoishii - ah! who are these people!!!!!?? that's incredible!!!

Yokohama said...

Great! I love this! Thank you for the link! :D

PetSugar said...

Yokohama - isn't it wonderful!

sugoishii said...

I just found an email and asked if they could send me a copy. This was their reply.

"Hello, I am Naoko FUNKY Yamanaka from MIG.

Thank you for sending a mail to MIG.
We are so glad to receive messages from overseas.

We are planning to distribute our magazine only to organizations, shops, galleries and businesses that we think fit to our magazine, and not to individuals.

However, since you contacted us while we are just starting out, we'd be happy to send you a copy. Thanks for your interest in our project and sending us a message.

We are in the process of putting a mailing list together. We'll put you on our list for updates on upcoming issues, events and gatherings.
Let's keep in touch!

Best regards,

MIG Naoko "FUNKY" Yamanaka

::: 080-5547-9685  

さらまり said...

I love this mag, very cute! I want a cake on my head, I can be fashionable and have a snack heh!

PetSugar said...

sugoishii - ahhh Funky!!! roflll!! what a cute email they sent! Wow, I wonder what gatherings there will be! You will officially be a fan that was with them from the beginning!

Sara Mari - gosh i always love your comments. how do you do it lol. i might need like salmon earrings or something because i need to stop with the sweeeeeeetts.

sugoishii said...

Lol! Yay for funky :D. I will let you know if they send me anything else, especially if it is cute. Was really nice of them to send it to me. Just got lucky I guess!

Sugar Bunnie said...

love♥ the second picture

PetSugar said...

Sugar Bunnie - its such a great tribute to hello kitty

Bianca said...

its a dream come true, i really inspires me to do better with my zine!! XD

PetSugar said...

bianca - your zine has a lotttt more content though!

funky4u said...

hi its Naoko.
I made this magazine!!!!
glad to know there are many ppl who love our Website and Magazine.

how did you know it?

anyway just wanted to say hello.

We are on the way to make new event and something..

look forward to seeing you at somewhere on this earth!!

xoxoxo from shibuya, Tokyo.

Nao the funky

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