Monday, April 19, 2010

PetSugar's 10 Cute Demands

1. These "Hop to it" shoes were obviously made for me so its important I own them (Oh yeah this list is online shoppable. Click image to buy item!)

2. Yes! I've never seen a better shirt! I must have this to finally make people aware of the danger I present.

3. This is an actual pink plushy bow-adorned JOURNAL!

4. Wow its a truly original deco masterpiece. I need this to show how I'm on the cutting edge of decora lol.

5. These are so clever! I need these so people might think I too am clever... does it work like that?

6. My lust for this journal is preposterous... praposterous..proposterousss??

7. Awwwww!!! Why didn't YOU think of these? Remember I can't be counted on for any kind of ideas.

8. I need this because I will be righting a wrong of the 80's.. which was that I didn't own this in the 80's.

9. I need this because I don't know what chocolate french macarons smell like and its important I inhabit that aroma.

10. I hate t-shirts but this one is so right.

11. Oh wait I have an 11th demand I decided!!! Its just that I need you guys to know I think you are all the most wonderful readers. How my site has filtered through only the kindest sweetest loveliest people is beyond my comprehension.


Maggi said...

Holy moley those shoes are awesome! Love your picks, so very cute!

Chickything said...

Oh Petsugar! Thanks for featuring my items!
hugs hugs hugs!

PetSugar said...

Maggi - aw i'm so happy you like them! aren't the shoes incredible??????

chickything- awww its my pleasure!

anjj said...

omg you do know what cute is :D I like every item you picked ^^

Noncsika said...

Oh God, I neeed those shoes! I have the unicorn key cover, it's so cute ^u^ when I saw it in a store near my place I can't stop myself from buying it!

PetSugar said...

anjj - wow thank you! i went out a little bit on a limb because i truly picked what i love!

Noncsika - you have the key covers!! so lucky!!! wow but very soon i expect to see an army of girls wearing bunny shoes. i can't wait :)

amber renee said...

very cute!! especially that perfume necklace.. reminds me of something I loved as a kid. <3

Claryn said...


That journal is so intricate and beautiful... love it!!!

PetSugar said...

amber renee - come to think of it i had something similar too!

Claryn - isn't that journal the best thing you've ever seen.

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