Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q-Pot - Luxury Dessert Jewelry From Melty Wedding Bands to Cheshire Cat Petit Cakes


Q-pot brings dessert-themed goods to the luxury class. Yet another reason to thank Japan (and have bewildered glazed-over eyes), this company takes the finest materials and makes some seriously pricey kawaii goods. Yes, real pearls on a bed of whipped cream, wedding bands that melt like chocolate... Oh my gosh and they have the most wonderful Disney collection right now. Classic Disney and Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces. This is where you will find the now famous (I hope to make it so!) Cheshire Cat Petit Cake accessories. A petit cake with the cheshire cat stripes! Their website almost matches the creativity and luxury of the products. More than any iPad, this brand made me realize how far we've come in the world of luxury. Read more from Alice & Peter Punk's article.

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さらまり said...

I've wanted a Q-pot item for years, but I never went to the shop since I am the poor. haha^^

Sasa said...

aww I love q-pot!
Specially the pop-corn jewlery!
If I ever get the chance to buy anything from them, I'd be so troubled!
I wouldn't know where to start!

PetSugar said...

Sara Mari - wow not even to browse!! you are so strong lol.

Sasa - wow the thought of actually affording something makes me head spin. i'd collapse under the pressure!

Chickything said...

Ive seen this site before, they have a very elaborate site of all I've seen.

PetSugar said...

Chickything - i wanted to say it was, but everytime i think i've seen the craziest site, something else just blows me away!

Linda said...

I love Q-Pot! It's my favorite brand!

I've also just very recently created a blog dedicated specially to Q-Pot, it'll be great if you can drop by and take a look around =)


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