Sunday, April 11, 2010


Free Shipping on orders $35+REGRETSY - Where DIY Meets WTF by April Winchell is an entire book of ETSY and only ETSY... FAILURES. Its bothers me that just because the faux White Tiger head has bejeweled eyes and nose, I suddenly think its sensible to have up in my apartment. Click any above image or link to buy!


Bianca said...

sadly, i really like those foot cuffs, adorable!! how is that a fail? Its genius!!! XD

Chickything said...

I wonder if the 'artists' who made these are aware of their creations landing on regretsy. I would love to know!

PetSugar said...

Bianca - i'm worried we each will love something in this book and hate ourselves for it lol

Chickything - omg i mean they must right???

Catherine said...

LMAO!!! Those expressions are just priceless!!!

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