Sunday, April 18, 2010

SPANK! Its a Party!! (Oh and a Spank! Hair Tutorial)

With anime scenes flashing, tutus swaying, this is a Spank! party. Its unbelievable. When will the rest of the world catch up with what Spank! has done for the nation of Japan (okay just Tokyo).

Secondly is this adorable hair tutorial. I just wanted to make sure if the Spank! world revolution begins tomorrow, your hair will be in order.


anjj said...

yay I love tutorials =D
that hairstyle is so cute! but I don't think that would look good on me T^T

PetSugar said...

anjj - oh no! i think it would look good on anyone!

anjj said...

haha thanks but really? idk XD

PetSugar said...

anjj - its actually kind of hard to picture quite honestly rofl

stef said...

actually the video isn't spank. it's meruheso girls from osaka.

see spank, meruheso AND broken doll girls together in the new rauberhohle video!!!

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