Monday, April 5, 2010

Terror Courtesy of the Easter Bunny

Who on earth designed some of these costumes? WHO? There must be a meth lab somewhere that designs Easter Bunny costumes as a cover up.

I wish I knew the source of these images, but I think I've seen enough, haven't you?


Yokohama said...

haha xD
OMG, poor kids! The third image is "the best"! (^___^') So funny!

Keely Valentine said...


milk overdose said...

hahaha this is awkward xD

hey sweetie, now your blog badge is on my list too, okay? sorry for taking so long to see it, i've been offline lately.

c ya! :*

Sensible Obsessions said...

OMG! The horror! # 4 is the worst
Meth Lab. Coustume designsXD

Where the heck were these taken?!

shivani said...

WOW! that fourth one reminds me of the scarecrow mask in batman!!

Chickything said...


onelovelygurl05 said...

These are too funny. I feel bad enough making my son sit on Santa's lap. I refuse to subject him to any of these bunnies.

Bianca said...

ROFL, I love scaring kids, those bunnies are EFFED UP! >:D

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Ahh... I remember these moments... Oh how I wanted to kill all those Easter Bunnies!

PetSugar said...

Yokohama - That gigantic head should hang in shame lol

Keely - hi Keely!!!! Looking good as always rofl.

milk overdose - aw thank you! I'm happy we joined forces :) lol

Sensible Obsessions - my gosh I don't know... and somewhere online is a huge collection of these but I don't know where!!! :(

Shivani - wow you are right!!! omg!!

Chickything - isn't it amazing how you never realize how scary it truly is until the pictures all come together.

onelovelygurl - your son can thank me later hehe

Bianca - being the kid that was constantly being terrified.. just know you are doing irreversible damage lol

Meeeeeeee - wow i'm so sorry... is your picture up somewhere? lol

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