Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tokyo Polaroids - "Five polaroids are better than four"


Okay, its not just Tokyo Polaroids. Nestled within this sites "about" section are links to polaroids from what seems to be every damn city in Japan. Its endless and I love it. I happen to love polaroids (I think its honestly because the overexposure always makes me look good... that's the origin... what do you want from me). I love the unpretentious quality they have (wait you just said they make you look good) and of course how reminiscent they are of a simpler time. Then theres Tokyo Polaroids that uses this tool to photograph the sweetest moments in time in a country with the cutest things to offer. Its just perfect.


Maggi said...

Wow, that is super cool!

megu said...

Hello, I megu.I’m from Japan.”Super sweet” I’m blogging.Thank you for introducing my blog!:'-D
Your blog is very interesting. When Japan is written, it is very very glad. I often come to see.:-)
I’m sorry I can not understand English very little.
Are written using the automatic translation.

Tracie Tsuneya said...

That dog confection is too cute! and Chibimaruko chan!
Love it all.

onelovelygurl05 said...

OHHHH how I miss polaroids. Especially the one that was a sticker. I cannot believe how expensive they are now.

PetSugar said...

Maggi - i'm glad you like it!

megu - I'm so happy you stopped by! I absolutely LOVE your blog!

Tracie - isn't it amazing? its also so imperfect yet clearly hard to make... lol

onelovelygurl05 - wow they are expensive? i've been thinking about getting a polaroid camera.. maybe i won't.

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