Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Cute Mini-Me Gifs and A Brand Spanking New Drop Dead Cute Badge

Click for Drop Dead Cuteness

When I saw Marisol's (yes! our Drop Dead Cutest Award Winner) adorable made to order mini-me's I knew I had to have one. I don't care much to see myself in that form because truly nothing could match my level of animation. It would all be a downgrade. Okay, not funny... lol so I knew she HAD to make a crazy badge for Drop Dead Cute!!! What do you think!? She will make one for you too for $8 USD!!! For an elaborate one like mines its $15 USD. Thanks Marisol!! Now go get your own :)


babypanda said...

ah Samantha! thankyou very much for your support! : D im glad you like the gif and sorry for the delay, as ive been sick and not feeling very good the past days..

also your picture as a kid is very cute! oh my, *-* !!

and oh the gif of the face of the girl who closes and open her eyes is made by my friend marie haha : D

again thankyouuuu <3

anjj said...

wah I love your animantion gif!! it's really cute :D at really fits with your blog (:

PetSugar said...

babypanda - I LOVE THE GIF. not love, LOVE. lol and its okay it took a while. it was worth it.

anjj - isn't it awesome! thanks anjj! its sweet of you to say :)

Sasa said...

They're amazing! I like them lots!
I specially love the loud and highly conttrasted colors she uses <3

PetSugar said...

Sasa- aren't they so clever? the best $8 worth i've ever seen lol

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