Monday, May 3, 2010

Cute! Girls of Town

WHO IS SHE? What is this? This girls outfits are the best thing since birth control pills. I see these images on every Tsubasa loving tumblr, yet I don't know what this is from! I googled Cute! Girls of Town and came up with their official site that says absolutely nothing and is not translating!!! Who is this girl who had the presence of mind to use shoes as bunny ears? Did YOU ever think of that?

Update: 5/3/10 Sugoishii gave me the link to the cute! girls of town blog!!!!!!! It has all the pictures in one place!!! and she linked the blog of the girl I featured-Emika! Awesome!


Jeaneth said...

I thought the same thing!!!
I tried googling it too, but found nothing O.o
guess i'll just have to stick to tumblr. lol

Sensible Obsessions said...

I loved that site!

I wish I knew what that message said it has been there for a few days.

I think it is more then one Gyaru in the photos but the that one girl is photographed the most.

PetSugar said...

Jeaneth - isn't it crazy! such awesome pictures with no rhyme or reason and nowhere to find more!

Sensible Obsessions - i can't wait for the site to be back up!

sugoishii said...

Cute Girls of Town blog:

Emika's blog:

PetSugar said...

sugoishii - omg thank you times 57457483754389573270392430984. i'm going to update this post and make so many people happy!

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