Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY Your Own Tiny Birthday Cakes for Doll Tea Party!

Chocolate on My Cranium has a recipe for these adorable little birthday cakes! What are they for?! Her daughter's dolls' tea party/birthday party! Aren't they so clever? I didn't know mothers this dedicated still existed. Ooooohh Second oreo post in two days! Life is good.


icandy... said...

not just sweet...VERY sweet!!!!
i can't wait to try this, they are the cutest, wonderful goodies!

have a super weekend!

mr. pineapple man said...

thats genius!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

it looks like so yummi!!!!

and for my button, i don't know how to do one :(

さらまり said...

oh! If I ever played with my Super Dollfies anymore, I would totally make these, how clever and yummy looking^^

PetSugar said...

icandy - oh my gosh please if you make these tell me!!!

mr. pineapple man - isn't it!?! it simulates layers so beautifully!

Kim-Anh - i just left you a comment :)

Sara Mari - i'm really excited that everyone would still make something because its cute even if impractical lol

Piper said...

Such a cute idea!

Patricia said...

What a great idea!!! I will try to find the time to do this for my girls... I don´t know if you can make that many without eating them though... LOL!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

omg, that is way too cute!

Chickything said...

awesome I wish I could make them tomorrow for my bday!!!

Sasa said...

This is actually... super cool and cute at the same time!
So original to serve this in a party instead of a big cake hha

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

Hahaha i didn't made alone my banner...i suck so much at photoshop...!!! i will ask to my boyfriend and we just got the photoshop cd for macbook so... i hope i will have a button for this week :-)))
have a nice sunday

♥NaNa♥ said...

This is cute!! I have to try this when I am my friends over!!! Great idea!!

PetSugar said...

Piper - isnt it!

Patricia - awww for the sake of your daughters you will spare some loll

Jamie - isn't it so precious!

Chickything - great idea!!

Sasa - *clears throat* um if i'm invited you better have a huge cake rofl

Kim-Anh - aw i'm sure you can make a cute one. it just takes creativity which you definitely have!

Nana - omg i can't wait to do the same

Sugar Bunnie said...

too cute!
really easy too make

PetSugar said...

Sugar Bunnie - oreos make life so easy!

ParamoreBunny said...

I love those! i saw them in a book. My little sister (seven) didn't get a teddy bear picnick at her school because it rained, so she'll porbably have one now! i wll make those for her, DEFAINTLY!

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