Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Fight - A Short History of American-centric War as Told to Make You Hungry (Maybe Just Me)

"Food Fight is an abridged history of American-centric war, from World War II to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict."

This video is pretty nuts. Firstly you can click here for the breakdown of what food represents what country. You know what sushi isssss! I noticed the foods chosen to represent the countries are usually the worst they have to offer.. mainly carbs! Mainly food court specialties! Then again countries at war certainly represent the worst of what they can offer (plus food fights generally involve cheap sh*t). Anyway this video is pretty incredible. Tell me what you think! (thanks watashi to tokyo.)


Catherine said...

LMAOOOOOOO!!!! Dude where the hell did you find this?!?!?

LOL. I found detente especially hilarious. :D

PetSugar said...

Catherine - lol isn't it amazing!! can you believe how in depth it becomes??!!

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