Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitsch Cute Rosy Cheeked Animals! *Wants to Squeeze One*

Awwww a healthy dose of rosy-cheeked, doe-eyed, other-hyphenated attributed animal is always the best medicine. Click for source!


さらまり said...

Oh the pony is just so cute, if only it had a horn or wings (or both!) it would be perfect!

Sasa said...

I'm in love with the first one! <3
Does this artist sell its paintings? I'd love to have one!

PetSugar said...

Sara mari - you know i'm so accustomed to unicorns that when i saw it i just assumed it was one lol.

Sasa - wow i'm sure you can find a way to contact her!

Bianca said...

These look like my mom's old story books from when she was a kid.

PetSugar said...

Bianca - wow i want to read what she reads!

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