Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lissita - Wearable Collages of Cute & Heavenly Inspiration

Are you in love? Don't worry you can fall in love freely because this is available for worldwide shipping. I'm so in awe of this stuff you'd think I was looking at the crown jewels... no wait the Egyptian Pyramids lol. This Tokyo creator Lissita is one of those whose creations you never expect to consider buying. Its meant for that Japanese website you get pissed at. Now what? You can own these. Its paralyzing. Maybe you aren't meant for such greatness. Maybe those Japanese websites kept awesome things from you for a reason. I don't know...



PetSugar said...

Patricia - ahhh! i accidentally deleted your comment while deleting a lame anonymous one! i'm sorry! but yes lol i totally know what earrings you are talking about ;) and i'm thrilled you like them. i have a pair and i wear them ALL THE TIME. they go with absolutely everything!

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