Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mickey is the Swirl in Your Latte and the Icing on Your Cake.. Literally!

Whether you like Mickey or not, these charms are TO DIE FOR. I know I suddenly can't remember a time when Mickey wasn't all I ever wanted. I think its the sandwich charms that really get to me... Mickey mayonnaise! Mickey tomatoes! Mickey bank... which is where all my money is officially going. Wow wait maybe its the MICKEY LATTE ART that has my heart beating. Click any image to see its category (and a billion more like it) or click here to see almost every Disney category this site has!


Principita de Porcelana. said...

OMG these are so cute! I'm a huge fan of Disney, I'm in love with the cute mickeytrousers-cup with the latte art!!! ♥
Did you see the Chesire Cat Tea Cups in Strapya?? I'm dying for one of those...!!!~ All these charms even made me hungry ahahaha~ Maybe I'll make some waffles!

Thank you, really, I felt so bad, I know it sounds silly but well, at least now things are clear! =)

the little bukowski said...

your humor is like mine, so you have to go here:


i almost peed my pants.

especially on this post


omg. i was cry-laughing

Tracie Tsuneya said...

omg. They're all so cute! I want them all!

PetSugar said...

Principita de Porcelana - i'm happy you like them! lol yes i'm glad things are clear too! i totally get it... i totally get it. i'm just happy you like my site too :)

the little bukowski - whoa i saw that book on modcloth and laughed at the cover and I AM SO GLAD YOU SHOWED ME THE SITE!!! Omg everything is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "my dad would have never let you in his car in 1989." roflllllllllllllllllll sea lion...

Tracie Tsuneya - you and me both!

Bianca said...

despite that mickey always frightens me the new trend is tres cute! XD

Kamie Chang Kahlo said...

I'm crazy for these. I have been waiting for them to restock the pink Mickey ear cell phone charm for months!! I have made a few of these little deco treats myself but I have to hone my skills.

Donkuri said...

wowww beatiful things!I like Mickey Mouse!!!

PetSugar said...

Bianca - lol everytime someone mentions a phobia i immediately thing.. whoa.. that really IS scary lol why don't I have that? lol

Kamie - wow i'd love to see what you've made!

Donkuri - if you like Mickey, then i can't imagine anything better than these!

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