Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Motorbot "I Like to Eat" Labbit Series... Feast for Bunny Sharp Eyes

So like I've said a few times, how did food + animals become so adorable? These customized "Labbits" are so clever! Click for the entire Motorbot "I like to eat" series!


Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

yummmmm yummm!!!! <3

Bianca said...

THIS IS SO COOL. plus those things are hard to cut through, kudos to that guy!

Yokohama said...

haha I liked! So funny and cute! :3

Thomas and Sakie Gantz said...

lol, those are cute and creative

Sugar Bunnie said...

I like the avocado one

PetSugar said...

Kim-Anh - you know these have yet to make me hungry lol

Bianca - wow really? wow gives me more appreciation!

Yokohama - glad you like it :)

Thomas and Sakie - yes cute and creative are hard to come by!

Sugar Bunnie - i think that one is pretty genius. i can't pick a fave!

Principita de Porcelana. said...

Bunnies = yay ♥~

So, I wanted to tell you that the imgs are almost finished but I had a little bit of a serious health issue and that's why I hadn't finished yet.
I'll be sending them to you asap.


PetSugar said...

Principita de Porcelana - awww! omg i have no complaints! you helping me at your own pace is more than i ever expected. please take your time. :)) get better soon

Lily AKA Miss Latte (cuz she likes coffee) said...

kiwi rabbit: Nooo! U CHOPPED MY BUTT OFF!

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