Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Acceptance of My Own Award - A Tale of Self-Love

I won back my own award thanks to Bianca! I'm not sure the ethics of this but I'm too appreciative to say no! You are too sweet (and talented) Bianca.

The Rules

1. Display your award, link to who gave it to you.

2. List 3 reasons why you yourself is cute!
My mom says I never "dine," I only EAT. Shoujo manga has taught me that's what cute girls do so I will continue on this very easy path.

I'm told my face is very cute and I make cute expressions. The kind of expressions that have no meaning. I just let my face do whatever the hell it wants.

I love Lindt milk chocolate Easter bunnies. I buy them by the dozen despite being pricier than the bars. That is what I binge on. Nothing but that. Honestly, nothing but those and no NEVER on Easter.

3. Post a picture of yourself as a young little cutie.

4. Describe the least cute thing you do.
I have a 1 mm section inside my nostril that gets itchy due to allergies. I could take allergy meds for something so stupid or I could run the risk of finding many candid photos of myself scratching there.

5. Post a picture/video you find incredibly cute to the point of melting.
This was hard. The honest answer is the penguins but I've posted it before.

So here is something else I think is really cute and funny.

6. Make sure you pass on the award to between 1 and 5 awesome bloggers! This time around I get to nominate Nina of Chickything!!!

7. Link to or write out the rules.


Chickything said...

I am very honored. Blush. This is quite too much Petsugar, you totally made my night!
I will try and do all these tomorrow. I have to go dig up those old photos of mine.

Thank you so very much!

You were such a pretty kid!

PetSugar said...

Chickything - yay Nina!! I can't wait to see your post!

Emmelie ♥ said...

Oooh this is great ♥♥♥
I would love to do this!!


PetSugar said...

Emmelie - this is spreading very quickly! i'm sure it will come to you soon!!! :))) and thanks for the compliment.

Emily said...

nice!!! great ward that u made

you are cute!!

& so true...i think loving yourself is very important

hmmm...& i think im kind of like you i get allergies a lot too

PetSugar said...

Emily - omg if you scratch your nose sometimes, then i've officially diagnosed you as having allergies lol. thank you for being one of the only people to have read that far into my post :)))

Bianca said...

You are adorable and you deserve this most of all. You help bring cuteness to the world, you are a humanitarian with a degree in cuteness!! XD

PetSugar said...

Bianca - oh stop! you are killing me :) thats so sweet of you and my gosh i don't deserve it

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