Saturday, June 12, 2010

Japanese Handmade Goodies Cuter Than Cookies

Melancholic Juliet reminds us that even the handmade in Japan can be so so exceptionally cute. All those fuzzies in every form is truly what heals the soul. Yes its in Japanese and I can't figure out about the worldwide shipping thing but like I keep saying, don't hate me... there are shipping services out there.

Oh and I'm so sorry I haven't updated in 2 days! I got food poisoningggg!!!


redchuckstress said...

oh my love these items. you really do find the cutest things!

Sasa said...

Wow! Everything's so cute!
What an inspiration!

PetSugar said...

redchuckstress - aw thank you! i love hearing things like that :))))))

Sasa - Isn't it the greatest inspiration to do your own diy?

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