Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential - How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool

Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential by Brian Ashcroft is firstly a comprehensive breakdown of the Japanese School Girl hostile takeover, but secondly a book totally saturated with all things we love! It dawned on me that the Japanese School Girl powerhouse is what birthed the kawaii phenomenon! Low and behold, make a book about that influence and you will have all the best manga, movies, art, magazines and so much more! Rarely do books make me so excited. Click to get your own!
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ROLE. said...

this book looks so awesome.

Yoshi said...

I already saw it on J-box, but I didi'nt know if it was nice to have it and it seems ^-^

pinksugarichigo said...

OOo another cool book to add to my collection.. reminds me of the japanese schoolgirl inferno that i have.. i dont think it's by the same author though, is it?? i just love the book cover illustration and that section on Egg magazine..

PetSugar said...

ROLE - i'm so glad you think so tooooo!

Yoshi - i think after looking inside it seems pretty great!

pinksugarichigo - theres even more on Egg!! and yeah i think its a different author. :)

Yoshi said...

Then perhaps that I will buy it ^o^

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