Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Odd Forest - The Kawaii Baggaii

Little Odd Forest is full of covert creatures disguised as bags! Two steps up from an imaginary friend, these guys will keep you company and give your outfit that quirky flare it needs.


Rai said...

All so cute! x

maki said...

SOO KAWAII.. im seeing lots of panda bags by the way.. have you seen those?

christyne j said...

omg adorable!!! love it :D

btw i made a site along with my facebook! On deviant art you can find my profile under Becharming! hope you like it :)

some of my pics turned out bad but i have discovered that using natural sunlight works WAY better to take my pics lol >.< forgive the fuzziness

christyne j said...

hehe i just realized i could have given you a link to my page so you don't have to wander around deviantart trying to find me x) rofl.

Bianca said...


PetSugar said...

Rai - glad you like them!

maki - hmm actually i really haven't! do you mean in magazines or online?

christyne j- brilliant! i'll check it out!

Bianca - do you have an owl obsession too?

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