Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Melty Drippy Sweet Fashion Trend Favorite

Of course you want to look like a dripping ice cream cone! Right?! Click item to buy (except in case of sunglasses... sorry). My head is pounding so I can't type anymore for today! Ugh!


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

those clothes are really cute:) Perfect on a sunny day with ice cream;)

Sensible Obsessions said...

Why are my favorites always so much $$$ ?!?!

Lol it's not in my size so I can't be tempted to buy it at least XD

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Those are so cute and such a innovative idea. :-)

Angel said...

i really like the 1st and 2nd dresses!

oh i wanted to share something with you, aren't these cute?!


Sanna said...

Oh, that pink dress is absolutely gorgeous.... I want that. But it's not really cheap one :D

Rai said...

I love the dress, and I would love to see a dress version of that skirt <3 squee

Esther Chocolat ♥ said...

OMG the first and the last picture!! O_O Santa, now you know what I want! :D

wobblinbetty said...

cute post! I'm going out to get an ice-cream! :)

Mercedes said...

so cute ^^
I love the pink dress (3rd from the top)

ROLE. said...

this clothes are soo sweet.
i want them :)

christyne johnson said...


I re-submitted my entry for the Alice in Wonderland clock on that post!!

Also I fixed my deviantart.com page! The pictures I had on there were BAD!! But I re-shot them in natural light and it worked wonders!!

Have a great week!

Christyne Johnson

Patricia said...

Wow! If I were that skinny I´d love to wear the first one! So "summery" (it´s sooooo cold down here!!! brrr!!!)
The sunglasses are cool too!

Bianca said...

I LOVES IT! I definitely like the glasses they might hurt your cheeks though right? the dress is kinda cool too but ppl might think you are really melting!

Rayelle said...

Oh those shades are super cute!

PetSugar said...

Sandra - ice cream would be a MUST!

Sensible Obsessions - Ugh isn't that pink bow dress so heavenly. Is that your favorite because its certainly mine!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz- best idea ever!

Angel - Oh my gosh i adore those dogs!!! i'm featuring that! thank you so so so so so much! i love when people make my life easier with such cute finds! thank you! i will link you in the post!

Sanna - its painful how pricey it is... maybe we can make our own?

Rai - wow imagine that cute print all over the dress! i agree!

Esther chocolat - you better get them fast!!!

wobblinbetty - now thats what i was hoping someone would get out of this :)

Mercedes - oh how we are all drooling over that damn dress. its absolute divinity.

christyne johnson - i'll check out your sites right now! can't wait!!!

Bianca - haha yes in this summer heat especially!! my guess is the glasses are propped up with those nose pads.. i mean i HOPE they considered that lol.

Rayelle - they are so clever!

PetSugar said...

ROLE - you'd be the sweetest looking girl on the planet with these!

Patricia - i knowwww. it takes a certain body type to pull of that jumper :(

christyne johnson - i click your link and your charms are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh!!! and were you sincerely inspired by that octopus tutoriol from so long ago? because is thats what started this then i couldn't be happier!

hkittygirl said...

Those sun glasses are funky!
The clothes are too sweet and cute!

Carmen said...

Must be something going on in the creative ether! Been using lots of painty dripiness in my stuff too. LOVE those glasses :P

Carmen said...

Back again :P What happened to the post of darker, freaky pics from the other day? I just came back to click the linky and can't find it and now can't remember the site name! Aaargh!

PetSugar said...

hkittygirl - sweet is definitely the word lol

Carmen - poor carmen, first she can't enter the giveaway and now this!!! lol here is the link. http://www.gianlucamattia.com/

pinksugarichigo said...

omg that first dress just screams pinksugarichigo =D but it looks so small, i don't think i will be able to fit it.. <3 cute stuff though! thanks for sharing!

PetSugar said...

pinksugarichigo - you know i BET she would do custom sizing for you!!!

christyne johnson said...

haha Yes it all started with YOUR post!! After I made those nurse charms I just kept going and going!! I lovelovelove making them :D Glad you enjoyed my site!


O did you get my re-entry by chance?
have a fantastic weekend<3 <3

Yoshi said...

Oh ! It's a funny idea to wear such cute clothes, I would like to ^0^

PetSugar said...

christyne johnson- yes maam :) thanks for that!

Yoshi - you and me bothhhhh :)

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