Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Precious Candy-Colored Rain Cloud Mobiles

Atelier Pompadour has these so simple yet so divine, handmade rain cloud mobiles. I take these as rain immunization. If I inject my home with a rain cloud, maybe I'll become immune to the dreariness. (In all seriousness, lesson #1 NEVER LET THE WEATHER DICTATE YOUR MOOD!)


creativitity channel said...

wow!! thank you for the feature!!
xoxo Paola

Patricia said...


Carmen said...

One of my favourite things you've found! Oh,the blue one and the green one! So prettttty!

Mairi said...

Paola's clouds are great! :D

hkittygirl said...

I want the pink cloud one!

PetSugar said...

Paola - Awww everyone loves your clouds!!!

Patricia - aren't they so sweet?

Carmen - wow!! i'm thrilled i posted them then!!!!

Mairi - i see you are a true fan :)

hkittygirl - omg me tooooooooo!

pinksugarichigo said...

aww looking those makes me so happy! :D how precious.. i would love a cloud for my room :D

Srta Keiko said...

q kawaii

Alice said...

I deeply love these clouds!! The pink one is fabulous!!!

PetSugar said...

pinksugarichigo - i wish i could buy one for everyone!

Srta Keiko - :)

Alice - we all covet the pink cloud! lol

hkittygirl said...

Let's get them together than! :)

Yoshi said...

I want it !

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