Friday, June 4, 2010

The Sleepy Kitty Eye Mask and More Matching Japanese Lingerie

Naomilingerie has sweet and sensual handmade Japanese style lingerie... with matching eye masks... the likes of which have little bows, kitty ears and even ladybugs. Don't get me started on the quirky sexy panties to go with them. Every pattern is cuter than the last! Itty bitty bows fastened to almost everything. Finally an etsy lingerie shop that has something truly unique to offer!


Sasa said...

aaaah cute! cute! cute! cute!
I want them all! them all!
(even if I don't use sleeping masks XD I still want them!)

Catherine said...


sugoishii said...

I love this! I would get the plaid panties with matching eye mask (and nothing on top)! I think my boyfriend would like that :D

Rai said...

The ladybird mask is just so precious! squee! x

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Those eye masks are so cute ^^

PetSugar said...

Sasa - well i hope you use them if you buy them! :)

sugoishii- that would be crazily sexy!

Rai - awwww i love that one too!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz - i'm glad you like them :)

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

awww they're all so lovely and cute <3

ps : i finally got a blog button for my blog if you still wanna share it :)

PetSugar said...

Kim-Anh - I put it up faster than uncapping a sharpie lol

Sugar Bunnie said...


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