Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where Girl Meets Cute Ornate Boudoir Paradise and a Plea to Help Fulfill My Dream

This photo spread by Jamie Nelson is a freaking... you know what... I hate when others use it like this (ironically its often those awkward in their own sexuality)... ORGASM. Ah! I'm sorry but no other word can describe these. Please donate with the piggy button below so that I can afford to be photographed by her (if you chose to buy something using one of my advertisements that commission would go towards this too! Just let me know and I'll link you below!). Its my dream! I'd post the images! Pleeeaaasseeeeeee. I hope I don't sound obnoxious but it would really mean the world to me. Tweet this, post it anywhere, I just want this beyond belief.

Update: Jamie emailed me back. It will cost $2,645 USD. I don't care if I go homeless, this has to happen. I've gotten $30 so far, so please $2,615 to go!

Thomas Gantz


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol, I love your honesty. I hope you get your orgasmic photo session with Jamie Nelson soon. And I just made your piggy bank happy. Hope that donation goes through OK. :-)

Chickything said...

sooo beautifullll. I haven't been working lately but I will donate soon!

Chickything said...

sooo beautifullll. I haven't been working lately but I will donate soon!

Dots Diner Aprons said...

I love that photo spread, crossing my fingers for you. I linked to your site on my site here
have a great and cute day!
Love your cutesie blogsie.

PetSugar said...

Thomas - of course i emailed you and showed how grateful i am :)

Chickything - you really are my biggest supporter!!!! i love you!!!

Dots Diner Aprons - thank you thank you thank you and i can't wait to repay you with my feature of your aprons :)

Sasa said...

So beautiful! How incredible!
I also cross my fingers for you! And for me too, I'm waiting for a call, to know if I got the job I applied for, if I do, I'll donate something for this, I'd really love to see a photoshoot like this featuring you!

And I'll link this post in my blog later, hope that helps too.

Sasa said...

You don't have to publish this comment, this is just for you :3
I already posted about this in my blog, hope that helps lots ;^;

And I think you should put some banner or something in your sideboard with a link to this post (just above the piggy for exapmple) since it will make it easier for people to see this and have a good reason to donate :3

Or! (something that I just came up with hahah) you could do some sort of giveaway or a raffle, and give a "ticket" to anyone who donated (even if it was just 1 dollar c:) the prize could be some accessory or whatever, or even if you wanted, I could do an ilustration or something XD well, just something symbolical (?¿ is that a word)

Well, here I leave all those ideas.

PetSugar said...

Sasa - i'm so emotional with how supportive you are. not everyone can appreciate what it means to want a dream like this realized. i guess its like a desperation for an art form and so few would think of that as a real cause! it means so much to have you in my corner. it makes me even happier to think you too would like to see the pictures produced!! you've already done more than enough to post this and for you to donate if you get a job is beyond amazing. let me know if you ever need my support in return :) i love your ideas too btw! i love the giveaway idea but i already have a giveaway going so i'd have to wait until after :( i put my little donation message in all caps to draw more attention to it. i might actually have you help with an icon one day :) maybe for something else. i just love your art too much!

Sasa said...

I'll help you as much as I can, so feel free to ask for anything you need.
I know what's wanting something like there's no tomorrow, so if you put your everything on getting that wish come true, I don't mind a bit helping you :3

Lily AKA Miss Latte (cuz she likes coffee) said...

Gosh. That is amazing! I can completely see why you want this!! If you want it this badly, then it will definately happen. I would kill to see you in those photo-shoots! I'm linking this on my blog, (even though I only have 5 visitors a day now, but who cares!?) and I'm hoping that you wil get the shoot! I had a friend who's dream was broken a few weeks ago, it really hurt me too see her like that... So I want you to be able to not be like her. I can't donate any money because I'm probably almost as broke as you...but I'll try.

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