Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Happy Friendly People

These markered (its a word right?) images put markers to the best use I've seen. No softness, nothing too abstract, the farthest thing from a Monet painting you'll find... its just FUN.


pinksugarichigo said...

OOo i absolutely love markers ! thanks for sharing the drawings~ i especially love the ramen eating people and the strawberry girl with the pink & blue ghosts (are they ghosts?) SO COLORFUL AND FUN!! <3<3 thanks .. inspires me to draw some stuff of my own..

Sensible Obsessions said...

When talking about cute or fun the words in a sentence are always words no matter what the dictionaries say lol

I love the girl in the strawberry dress and screw in her head - I want the dress it that shape so cute! (I'll pass on the screw lol)

Jeaneth said...

how cute!!
I wish I could draw... D:

PetSugar said...

pinksugarichigo - oh my gosh i'd love to see your drawings!!!! ahhh!!!

Sensible Obsession - lolll uh-oh the screw comes with the dress! its actually part of the straps in the back lol.

Jeaneth - aw but thats whats wonderful about this art! its easy to draw like this, its being creative that is hard.

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