Thursday, July 15, 2010

All the Pink I Want to Be

Why must there be women who have it all... Natalia Vodianova in Morning Beauty for so much more pink.



Patricia said...

WOW! Awesome pictures... love the lightning...

Liliai said...

nice :)

Sensible Obsessions said...

So are you in my head?

Because this was another person I was looking for XD - I have a LJ icon with one of the pictures but the maker was unable to tell me exactly whose photograph is was.

And her resource list was unforgivably long - I was barely half way through up to this point.

Thanks for the help again!~♥

Jay Amabile said...

I don't care that I'm not a chick...I frigging LOVE all the stuff you post on here. So much fun to look at!

Sethrielle (P. P.) said...

This is the way to be Hot in pink ♥
The photos are great~

Also, I hope you don't mind and actually you like the idea, I think you will! I've started a meme on my blog, it's something really nice, and I actually added you to the list if you would like to participate. ♥
-The entrie starts in spanish, but the end and the meme are written in english-.
Hope you like it!

Bianca said...

need mooooore pink!!

plus her legs look like plastic :O

PetSugar said...

Patricia - isn't it so impressive? amazing.

Lilliai - wow what a name you have!

Sensible Obsessions - omg! no way! what are the chances! it just means we love the same things!

Jay Amabile - that is hands down the greatest thing I've ever read. i'm so flattered and think its awesome!!!!

Sethrielle - i left you a comment :)

Bianca - ha i had the same thought!

hkittygirl said...

You always have the most amazing fashion lines ever!

Lily AKA Miss Latte (cuz she likes coffee) said...

whoa! is that real hair!?!?! i think thats a bit extreme!

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