Monday, July 5, 2010

Blythe's 9th Anniversary Manga Girls Inspiration Exhibit

Blythe's 9th Anniversary Manga Girls Inspiration Exhibit is by far the mecca of Blythe customization. A slew of our favorite Japanese brands had their hand at it (wow Tokidoki... really half-assed it). To navigate the site click on the blue links above both listings of all contributors. Thank you Lowra of Sweet Milke for sharing this fabulous find with me!


Qu♥ said...

I love blyth dolls!!!
They are so beautiful.
did you happen to watch the stop motion videos on youtube of them? So gorgeous

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That is amazing who they created such great outfits for Blythe. Very creative.

Skye said...

Oh, I love Blyth dolls!
They're so pretty! ♥

Sethrielle (P. P.) said...

I've never had THAT much of appreciation about Blythes. I mean, they're dolls, but I like best other molds like DOD ♥ more realistic.
And now I just happen to open your blog and there they are, and now I'm loving them! -Well, I think that a few of them looking so dolly are responsible for it-
What's with this blog of yourse?
You are gently washing my mind and I'm sure that the thing you use for it has the name of something edible on it and surely scented. Damn.

Please keep doing it. ♥

PetSugar said...

Qu♥ - omg i have seen those! i think i posted one a longggggg time ago. they are amazing! maybe i'll post a few more if i have blythe withdrawal lol

Sakie and Thomas Gantz - if they could only make those outfits human size for meeee!

Skye - happy you like them!

Sethrielle- ROFL!!! Okay it would be keylime pie scented and called Key Lime to Your Heart. Get it? Key to your heart... lol Oh and honestly I took a while to warm up to blythes too. I just didn't get the interest but suddenly one day something clicked and i was a changed girl!

さらまり said...

Whenever I see Blythe dolls I usually think "Oh that's kinda cute" but I never have strong reactions to them. However, I just ADORE the fairy-kei and deco-fairy kei looking ones. I wouldn't mind owning them at all hehe

Sasa said...

prettiness prettiness prettiness everywhere! *0*
I love the second and last one to death. I wish I could do customs as pretty as these♥♥♥

Yokohama said...

How you know, I don't like Blythes so much, but these are perfect!!!!

hkittygirl said...

Those are definitely the most incredible Blythe dolls ever!

Yoshi said...

They are all beautiful, details on their hair, eyes, dress seems to be a hard work !
PS: The one in blue with the cat, is it Digi Charat ?

PetSugar said...

Sara Mari - i totally know what you mean. i use to be a little confused and unexcited by them. then i saw stuff like this and a whole world opened up!

Sasa - oh my gosh i'm absolutely sure you can! let it be inspiration and you can do even better! oh and the blythes you like are so mori girl lol

Yokohama - so many people feel that way :)

hkittygirl - ah i agree 100%

Yoshi - wow you know it might be!!!

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