Monday, July 12, 2010

Lisa Frank Charmy Charms!

Okay... Lisa Frank cell phone/key charms. Yes, something Lisa Frank that eases us into maturity so well. What could you have done with all those toilet paper roll-ish sticker packs? Huh? You are a grown woman! Yay strapya! Click to shop Lisa Frank collection!


christyne j said...

OMG I was just thinking//talking about Lisa Frank stuff today!! :D

Someone on deviantart posted something that reminded me of Lisa Frank and I told her so and she was like "Thank you! But I don't know what Lisa Frank is!? lol"

0.o Can you imagine someone not knowing what LISA FRANK is!? It made me feel old :(

mr. pineapple man said...

omg lisa frank!! I havent hear or seen this in like 10 years!! This used to be my fav~

さらまり said...

Lisa Frank is still around if you look, but its not quite the same. Anyhow, I still have my Lisa Frank collection, its one of my few childhood collections left.

I should buy some of these items to expand my collection haha. Markie and Rainbow Chaser were my favorite characters^^

hkittygirl said...

It's about time someone made Lisa Frank charms! [:

PetSugar said...

christyne - wow. not knowing lisa frank! what a sad existence! lolll you need to school her! which i know you will do :)

mr.pineapple man - wow i'm happy to bring back great memories :)

Sara Mari - omg you remember the names! wow! that brought back crazy memories!

hkittygirl - i agree totally lol

Kawaii Kawaii Blog said...

Oh my! Lisa Frank reminds me of when I was 10! I loved that stuff!

Chickything said...

My kids used to love Lisa Frank

Kawaii Store said...

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