Monday, July 19, 2010

Style From Candy Wrappers... Rachel Trachtenburg

Rachel Trachtenburg from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Style Like U featured this inspired 16 year old named Rachel Trachtenburg who embodies what is organically cute. She makes hair bows from candy bags and is in a band called Super Cute! Isn't that enough people... isn't that all we need to state right here? I'm sold on this young lady and hope to gain some of her fearlessness.

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Noncsika said...

She's so ADORABLE! I wish I was this stylish as a 16 year old!

hkittygirl said...

My friend and I actually started to make hairbows out of candy wrappers a few years ago...We're going to sell them on Etsy.

Kerous said...

This brings back memories.
When I was young, 3 or 4, my mom used to make hair bows out of candy wrappers and make me wear them.
Back then I didn't like them, I had my favorite hair clips that I insisted on wearing all the time.

ROLE. said...

wow. she's so stylish. and cute *-*

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

no sorry i'm changing/deleting too much time on my blogs because of trying some new templates and i totally forgot to put your button again! just added right now!


PetSugar said...

Nonscika - I wish I was as fearless!

hkittygirl - wow! let me know when you start!

Kerous - lol its hard to like strange ideas when they are forced on you lollll.

ROLE - I agree. Adorable!

Kim-Anh Nguyen - no problem! i'm glad i checked!!!! i was happy to put your link back up :)

hkittygirl said...

As soon as we get them up, I'll show you! *pinky promise*

Skye said...

How cute and creative is she?!
Amazing ♥
The first photo is just adorable!

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